Tuesday 12 December 2006

Sujana can write

Blog this, blog that, every other day it's something we tell Sujana about
blogging, but she never really seemed to listen, till one fine day she
became a part of this really happening team blog called Foot Loose. After
that, there was just no stopping for her. She wrote all day, and she wrote
all night. Writing had become a second passion for her - her first passion
remained web design & graphics.

About a year later, Varsha woke up to the sound of the doorbell and so she
looked though the peeping hole, expecting a Huffing Puffing Wolf standing on
the other side of the door. Well, before you think it's the story of the 3
little pigs, let me *ahem* interrupt and remind you that we're talking about
the story of Sujana, Varsha and the other guys. So, Varsha opens the door
and it's the courier guy who hands her an envelope that has a book within
it. Wow, a book! Varsha loves books! Nitin loves notebooks & PDAs, but
that's not quite the same thing. Varsha's love for book dates back to the
time that she dedicated herself to studying English literature but then
something happened. That's a story for another day and another post, so more
on that later.

...so Varsha was delighted to receive a brand new book, fresh off the
shelves. She ripped off the cover to read the title:

"The Classic Life and Tales of Sujana", by Sujana

PS: I didn't get to read it yet - I'm waiting for the e-book version of it
to be released as a PDF, so as soon as I get a copy, there'll be more on
that soon.


sycorax said...

DUDE ,,fanciful stuff you have in here,,quite a riot ,,,,well the books gonna just have CSS and stuff and you hav this dracula,,who keeps droning or spouting rather gibberish ,,u do get who imena in here ,,,well a lot to write about ,,


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