Monday, 30 April, 2007

9.16 AM

Today's fortune:
Sell your ideas - they are totally acceptable.

Are they? totally contradictory ? well the gurjis and god men,god women , this true.

Whats the use of a compressed folder? ,and do people in the states have that option? because we can use it here but for some reason US does not allow them-CAN ANY ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS

Are there any other features of MS word
any new "opinion guru" comes on board has LOTS OF LOST, WAYWARD GIBBERISH to say.

Some postions ARE ASSUMMED

people -fakeness galore.
It sure is a rat race.
Quite rattish,,,,

gym class heroes-seven weeks

My life's these yellow lines, concrete, and parliment butts
Exhaust fumes and rest stops who drive hard for their bucks
Load in, sound check, play show, load out, let's go, next city, oh great, off day
Hangovers, hangups, dialbacks, running make up, apologies and promises
And nobody acknowledges that it so damn bad
But we love like the last cigarette we'll ever have
I'm putting miles on my body, bout due for a tune up in this gas station, food ain't really helping but
I'm loving every minute, every road signs a reminder of exactly why we did it to begin with

This is how it has to be
A kiss for luck, submerge myself
And in 7 weeks resurface
Even if we don't look back again
Tired boys and wired eyes
Exposing imperfections
To the public eye i'm perfect
Even if we don't look back again