Friday, 22 June, 2007


Commute in the auto is akin to being jostled at in a mad rush. Woke up with an angry temperament, screamed aggressively at folks, boarded the wretched auto but boy he drove like a maniac and the meter was turning at even a faster pace than his driving. Anyway mission accomplished ,,cma to d office in an hr,,,but I wish if sum day I cud cum 2 d office in half an hour,the weathers playing havoc too,morning sunny smile now I guess it had a fight and just plain blew up hurtling rain drops on everyone. Was caught up in the rain yesterday,this ***** office has a policy of compensating time,as if,,,,,,bloody ******* so I was kept up in the office till 7.20 self imposed compensation module which I’m following,,,,restrictions on browsing ,,,wtf..****** freaks hav lost it,,,,hey all these r minor things I wudnt even bother ,,n it seems lame that grown up oldies follow petty rules,,remember old school days where these stupid types used to exist n they used to exchange marks n stuff,n be friends with each other just so they be in touch with competition,lame,,,n during breaks u’d find them roaming with no one or being aloof,,,n they set they so called principles n high standards ,,I mean if u hav them,,,(principles) then plz for Christ sakes’ laminate d damn sheet n put it up on a wall in ur bloody hall…dont bring up that shit up here,…..damn u,,,,,,freaks,,,,,,,jackasses,,,,nt hey talk abt processes, like hell,,plz follow them ,,,,dont just ……sermonize ,,,enuff,,of this shit,,,,,,,n not a single sou in d office at 9.30,,,,,,,n if u go tell anyone this is what it is,,evryones good to advice u on this,,,do this this is what ur doin wrong,,,n blah,,blah,,but,,,,insisde they r shit scared,,,,,they r doing the behind the scenes activity ,where scheming n stuff, comes 2 d fore..

Thursday, 14 June, 2007

Going Back To Work

I've got just a couple of days before I start work and all I can think of is catching up with my reading... and a bit of computer games, but that doesn't count. I've got some shopping to do, places to visit, and friends to meet but oddly enough I just can't help keep thinking about all the stuff that I read about in university but can't remember right now.

I guess it has a lot to do with responsibility, and the trust that the employers have on me. I've never let anyone down so far, so it's more about my track record than anything else.

Anyway, wish me luck... work starts on Sunday!